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Smart-e wall plates are the perfect fit for a new-build school

AV supplier CDEC opts for Smart-e’s new range of digital and analogue wall plates on a classroom communications project for a new-build school in Blackpool.

When AV supplier CDEC was commissioned to source and install classroom communications for short-throw projectors featuring HDMI, VGA and USB connections for a new-build school in Blackpool, they chose Smart-e’s new range of digital and analogue wall plates. Derek Pyle, special projects manager at CDEC, said: “The builder of the new school had left us a tiny 25mm conduit for cabling the classrooms. Once we found Smart-e’s SDS-1000 series of wall plates we knew we had the perfect solution. “Distribution via structured cabling meant it would fit the 25mm space, the functions easily met the school’s existing and future requirements, and finding a system with everything in one unit was the ‘icing on the cake’ – every other similar system we saw only gave us part of the solution.” Jon Lane, Smart-e’s founder and managing director, added: “Since we launched this range of wall plates at ISE 2012, we have experienced a high uptake which we believe is down to the winning combination of distribution via Cat 5 type cabling coupled with a range of options giving customers the opportunity to select the right equipment for the job without incorporating unnecessary and expensive extras. “We designed the SDS-1000 series to distribute AV signals, at the highest signal density available, over a long cable distance from a central point to shared display equipment. We were keen to make provision for both analogue and digital signals within one unit to allow for the continued use of legacy equipment.”