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SiliconCore LED driver technology takes European bow

Making its European debut at ISE 2018, the HDR Z.A.C.H. driver technology from LED specialist SiliconCore features in all of its 0.95mm to 1.9mm pixel pitch displays shown on the stand.

Z.A.C.H. (standing for Z – for impedance – Adjustment for Colour Homogeneity) offers technology embedded in the driver chip to accurately detect impedance variations of each LED and apply an adjustment compensation. This technology is claimed to give SiliconCore displays ‘market-leading dynamic range and colour reproduction’.

When combined with SiliconCore’s low power Common Cathode Technology (CCT), a 4K screen with the Z.A.C.H. LED driver can achieve uniform maximum brightness of over 1,800 nits and minimum brightness under 0.1 nits. The effective dynamic range is over 18,000:1, or over 14 bits, while reproduction of colour can be achieved at the Rec .2020 colour gamut. This technology allows for improved greyscale linearity for greater details on the shadows, along with various flavours of HDR content, to be viewed on the screen.

The team’s latest LISA (LED In Silicon Array) technology is also on display. LISA is a departure from the usual LED manufacturing process as it has removed the traditional surface mount diode (SMD) LEDs altogether and instead bonds the individual LEDs directly to the PCB. This process aims to greatly reduce the number of failure points while also making each module mechanically more robust and rigid, thus increasing durability. Visual benefits of the process include improved colour uniformity and reduced colour shift.

SiliconCore also has various future innovations in LED manufacturing, which can be discussed at ISE 2018 exclusively in its ‘Whisper Suite’.

Stand: 10-S155