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Signagelive provides FIFA World Cup feeds and lottery info

The National Lottery of Mauritius is using Signagelive’s Cloud-based software platform to display dynamically updated content on 250 screens across the country.

The National Lottery of Mauritius is using Signagelive’s Cloud-based software platform to display dynamically updated content on 250 screens across the country. Part of a nationwide project to update the lottery’s advertising processes, the content includes lottery jackpot information and FIFA World Cup TV feeds.

The signage solution is fully owned and managed by Plug In, Signagelive’s channel partner in the region. By purchasing attractive airtime packages from Plug In, the National Lottery has been able to replace printed posters with digital content, resulting in enhanced consumer engagement and increased revenue.

Lottotech (owners of the National Lottery) began investigating digital signage in 2012, and started discussions with Plug In, which created a bundled application using Signagelive software to demonstrate the concept. Signagelive was chosen as the preferred technology partner because of its Cloud-based signage capabilities and its reputation in the market: it has experience of working with the owner of the UK National Lottery, Camelot.

Kabir Gobin, digital signage consultant for Plug In, commented: “It was clear from the outset that Signagelive’s offering was the most cost effective. It is Cloud-based so we have been able to maximise all available bandwidth to ensure there are no latency issues, an important factor in a densely populated country like Mauritius where internet usage is high.”

Following a successful pilot of 50 displays in prime locations, Plug In has installed a further 200 Samsung displays in a number of lottery-owned kiosks, mini markets, supermarkets and shopping malls throughout the island. The installed digital signage players have been preloaded with Signagelive software, making implementation speedy and straightforward.

The new signage has resulted in significant cost savings both for the Lottery as well as independent traders. As an incentive for for providing designated space and covering all energy costs, retailers are given a display and a player (preloaded with Signagelive software) to use as an alternative to printed posters. By purchasing airtime bundles from Plug In, they can use the digital signage solution to promote their own products and offers.

The Samsung displays are being used to run different content formats including animated Flash banners, live weather updates, media RSS feeds, lottery-funded projects and nested playlists. All displayed content, including a countrywide campaign to promote the Lottery’s weekly jackpot, is scheduled and managed using Signagelive software. Gobin continued: “Every Saturday at 8.30pm we are notified of the latest jackpot total, we simply alter the playlist within Signagelive and all displays are updated with the latest jackpot amount within 10 to 15 minutes across the island.”

Over the coming weeks the displays will also being used to intersperse FIFA World Cup TV feeds with scheduled playlists to encourage consumers to stay longer in the different stores.

The next stage for Plug In is to install HD 2 x 2 videowalls in the country’s three largest malls, again using Signagelive’s cloud-based software. One of the videowalls has already been installed and is fully operational.