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Seven LED lighting products you should know about

LED lighting continues to reach new heights, not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also in integrated building-wide solutions and entertainment applications. James McGrath lights up your world with some recent products.

LED lighting continues to reach new heights, not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also in integrated building-wide solutions and entertainment applications. James McGrath lights up your world with some recent products.

Robe MiniMe: with integrated HMDI port

As the need to create more immersive, colourful spaces, packed with different kinds of media, takes its grip on bar, club and retail lighting environments, the requirement for ‘more than just a light source’ grows ever stronger.

Robe’s MiniMe is a new generation hybrid LED light source that incorporates the traditional features of entertainment lighting along with a little extra. Colours, gobos and beam shapes are all digitally generated by the onboard micro media server. The added extra is that this product can also project custom artwork, still photographs and video. How? Well, Robe has incorporated an HDMI input into the fixture.

The versatile fixture brings new possibilities to the field of image/video projection thanks to its full movement and unlimited content.

Robe has also designed the product with user-friendly control so that the operator doesn’t have to be a lighting or AV expert or use a sophisticated console. This makes the fixture relevant to multiple applications and users.

The small, neat, fast-moving LED light is driven with a 20,000-hour lifetime lightsource. Its attributes make it suitable for effects lighting as well as digital signage in many environments such as clubs, bars, retail environments, shops and showrooms.

Robe says the product is the only one of its kind on the market, and the HDMI input can also be used for live video/camera streaming.

Moreover, there is almost no noise, so the MiniMe can be used in galleries and at events where silent equipment is required – including all sorts of presentations.


Martin MAC Quantum Wash: powerful daylight beam

Harman’s lighting division, Martin Professional, is always enhancing its lighting technology – especially in the case of LED lighting. The MAC Quantum Wash follows on the MAC Aura series as a case in point of this continuous development.

The fixture incorporates what the company calls a Colorganics system, which means the light uses all the coloured LEDs in the fixture to mix a powerful 6500K daylight beam. By mixing the LED lights to produce a daylight colour instead of using solely the white LEDs like a standard RGBW system, the fixture does not lose brightness when displaying white light.

All in all, the fixture boasts 750W of power, ensuring the 1:5 zoom operates with maximum output and superior performance. In basic mode, the light runs 13 channels, but this can be extended to 33 channels to deliver maximum effects.


Crestron CLED series: range simplified

Early 2013 saw Crestron move into the luminaire market. The company launched an extensive range of LED fixtures called the CLED series: this is able to replicate the attributes of halogen fixtures, offering smooth diming curves, colour temperatures and similar lumen outputs of halogen – all from a 70,000-hour lamp.

The feedback from conversations with dealers has resulted in the company simplifying the CLED range – condensing it so that dealers find it easier to select the right fixtures for specific projects.

Now down to six in total, the LED fixtures are all fire-rated and have an ingress protection rating of IP65. The CLED range is designed in accordance with Crestron’s product-wide ethos, Integrated By Design, which means the LEDs complement the company’s wider portfolio of lighting control modules, dimmers and switches. The components are all scalable to wider building management systems, including AV, IT, HVAC and more. Crestron believes that when the LED fixtures are integrated into these building-wide systems, the control and automation has the potential to render huge energy savings – beyond those achievable through implementing an autonomous LED lighting system.

The range comprises LED fittings for a variety of applications including fixed, tilt and rotate, square and, for discreet installation, a subtle surface mount option.


ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2: improving brightness levels

The introduction of ETC’s Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2 saw the company once again follow its mantra of continuous evolution of lighting design. The fixture is up to twice as bright as its predecessor and produces a wider range of enhanced colours. This includes colours in the centre of the spectrum. thanks to the addition of lime green emitters.

Using a 19° EDLT lens tube at 9m throw/3m beam diameter, the Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2 produces 5,340 field lumens and an efficacy of 31.4 lumens per watt (with a maximum fixture power consumption of 171W).

At the other end of the size scale, meanwhile, is the tiny yet powerful Source Four Mini LED, which comes in portable, ceiling mount and three-circuit track mount versions.


Philips Selecon PL range: architectural and theatrical LEDs

The PL range from Philips Selecon comprises seven LED fixtures for architectural and theatrical applications, ranging from the long-throw PLPROFILE4 to the PLFRESNEL1.

Philips Selecon LED technology reduces the need for filters for colour changing and makes controlling beams more straightforward.

Additionally, both the PLPROFILE1 and PLPROFILE4 LED luminaires have an easy-to-use interface: this opens usage up to younger generations, for instance, which is especially useful in theatre environments.

The PLFRESNEL1 works by using a combination of LED source technology and a traditional fresnel lens, delivering enhanced quality without the compromising performance of spreader lenses. The luminaire is suited to the theatre environment, producing an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination.

Another fixture from the range, the PLCYC1 LED luminaire, combines the use of LED source technology with a properly shaped asymmetrical reflector to deliver consistent light distribution. The LED fixture has the ability to match the output of a traditional four-colour, 1000W per circuit, cyc luminaire.

The PL range all use the same LED engine and user interfaces, making the fixtures straightforward to use.


Cooper LS Crompack LED: for quick installs

As the demand for LED solutions increases, companies like Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety business are striving to develop LED versions of popular lighting fixtures. This is why the company opted to launch an LED version of its most successful fluorescent mains lighting.

The Crompack LED is designed to meet demand for long-lasting, low-maintenance lighting in spaces such as factories, warehouses and hospitals. The launch incorporates a comprehensive range of linear luminaires, featuring the widest range of lumen options on the market. The longer lifespan of the LED luminaires reduces the requirement for regular lamp changes and associated maintenance costs.

The products feature a simple two-part housing, facilitating quick and simple installation. Additionally, optical control and performance is highly effective and ECA compliant, providing users with affordable and efficient products.


SGM G-Spot: all-weather LED

The G-Spot from SGM is an IP65-rated LED moving head, meaning it can be used to withstand all weathers. Moreover, because the G-Spot is water-, dirt- and sand-proof, the fixture doesn’t accumulate dust or other external material that negatively impact the optics, gobos or lamp unit. This reduces time and costs that would normally be incurred by cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The fixture has been designed to deliver far more light output and colour saturation than other LED moving heads on the market. For example, the company says the blue registers 20% brighter, the red is 400% brighter while the green matches the best in class. It’s factors like that that enable the G-Spot to outperform most 1,500W discharge lamps in terms of output, while providing a broad colour palette.

The 850W high-power RGBY LED light source also boasts other important features and patent-pending solutions, including a framing system (with beam-shaping attributes) that is said to be unique, two independent bidirectional gobo wheels and effects wheels.

Another patent-pending feature is the Gore-Tex membrane fitted to equalise the air pressure. This allows air to pass through while humidity cannot. Air humidity is maintained at a constant level by an electrolytic process which eliminates humidity by extracting hydrogen – creating the ideal environment for electronic circuits to function.