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seeper to launch Titanic Experience

Commissioned by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, Titanic Belfast will open as the world's largest Titanic-themed tourist attraction.

UPDATE 17 APRIL: to see a video of the massive projection mapping project, click here.

Located in the Titanic Quarter – said to be Europe’s largest urban regeneration scheme – is Titanic Belfast, an experience centre dedicated to telling the story of the Titanic. The facility will officially be unveiled on 31 March, with a light show due to take place on 7 April created in part by seeper projection mapping, in an show that will mark the 100th anniversary of the vessel’s construction.

With most of the details regarding the project still underwraps, seeper founder and creative director Evan Grant claims that the Titanic Building, which will be transformed into a real time 3D canvas for the attraction’s light show, will be the most complex and sophisticated projection mapping project ever created.

“With the metal plaques of the Titanic building forming irregular pyramids, we’ve found light reacts very differently depending on the angle, causing it to be an integral consideration across all the show,” said Grant.

The six-floor Titanic Belfast centre will be projected onto using a series of tools including Maxon Cinema 4D, and for the first time seeper’s own new bespoke media server the seeserver. The presentation will incorporate a fully integrated audiovisual projection show, featuring advanced pyrotechnics and audio-reactive visuals inspired by the creation of the Titanic.

The show itself, to be aired worldwide, will convey the sights, sounds, and stories of the shipyard, while seeper’s open-air display will allow for real-time content to be projected and aligned to real-world objects. The projected story will include the ship’s early construction, launch, fit-out and tragic maiden voyage, followed by present-day pictures of the underwater wreck.