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Scala, SEEN MEDIA helping Audi to realise digital showrooms

The car maker has devised a multimedia digital showroom concept designed to offer dealers products and services that "enhance the look and feel of their dealerships".

The car maker has devised a multimedia digital showroom concept designed to offer dealers products and services that “enhance the look and feel of their dealerships”. The digital media approach of the showrooms allows information to be customised in relation to any given market.

Stefan Knoke, chief executive of the project’s communications technology provider SEEN MEDIA, explained the background to the Audi scheme. “With Audi, we have created an internationally applicable communication system to reach customers and staff with high-quality, engaging, informative content at the point of sale,” he said. “The intelligent content creation by SEEN MEDIA and the application of Scala make it possible to distribute Audi-specific content with just one production in multiple languages worldwide, which saves Audi time and enormous operating costs.”

While some of the digital media are standard, each dealership can purchase up to four different types directly from Audi to complement their showroom type and budget. Displaying a variety of video material, the Audi TV module comprises a large screen built into customer-branded furniture that allows the screen to operate as a free-standing unit at any point within the dealership. Based around screens located next to a chosen vehicle, the Presentation Element employs model-related films to showcase key features, benefits and uses. The Digital Info Element depicts dealer-specific content such as pricing, test drive information and warranty details, while the Audi Configurator enables customers to select the type, style, colour and capacity of the vehicle they’re interested in and specify a range of items to personalise their vehicles.

The intelligent content creation implementation by SEEN MEDIA uses Scala digital signage software and allows Audi-specific content to be distributed worldwide and in multiple languages. Advertorial films, sporting clips and company news are among the types of content made available to dealers around the globe.

To date, more than 600 retail showrooms in more than 70 countries have deployed the Audi digital showroom concept.

Oscar Elizaga, VP of Scala EMEA, said he was “delighted” by the use of Scala for the Audi project, and on the wider subject of retail told IE: “During the recent few years, we have seen an increasing number of retailers take new and innovative approaches to digital signage, and thanks to Scala’s flexibility we have allowed them to develop the feature-rich networks they need to attract and keep their clientele while consistently increasing sales. Interactive signage offers brand-new opportunities to retailers around the world who have yet to decide to adopt digital signage for their stores. Digital signage is not just a view-only medium anymore, but rather offers the unique opportunity for retailers to both inform and actively engage customers from the second they enter a store until they make a purchase – a must-have for any retailer in an increasingly competitive market.”

A recent audiovisual installation at an Audi customer facility in Fredericia, Denmark, was the subject of an article in the February 2010 issue of Installation Europe. To download a PDF of that edition, click here.

Image Credit: Lorena Crowley