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Sandbach School finds ‘all-in-one’ streaming and recording solution in Roland VR-5

Sandbach school in Cheshire has found the answer to its production, recording and streaming requirements in the Roland VR-5 AV mixer.

Sandbach School in Cheshire has found the solution for its streaming and recording requirements in the Roland VR-5 ‘all in one’ AV mixer. Following training from UCan Play – part of not-for-profit educational consultancy company – staff at the school have been able to produce, stream and record several recent live events from the school via USTREAM.

The non-proft company works closely with Roland UK and the Roland Systems Group managing the Roland Champion Schools initiative on behalf of Roland UK. The VR-5’s ‘all-in-one’ solution allows for simpler production, recording and streaming of any live event as the design incorporates a video switcher, audio mixer, video playback, recorder, RGB input from PC or Mac, preview monitors and output for web streaming all in a single unit. It has proved an effective tool, having been used to produce a DVD of a school concert; to stream a school awards ceremony and to stream a concert by the school’s acclaimed Big Band featuring professional vocalist Matt Ford. “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work closely with the skilful and imaginative teachers at Sandbach School,” commented Jonathan Savage from UCan Play. “As video streaming technologies such as the Roland VR-3 and VR-5 are relatively new for most schools, we provide onsite and online training support not only to introduce the individual products and their basic use as video mixers and streamers but also how they might be used creatively within the school curriculum itself to help teachers produce their own video curriculum content.”