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Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi and more – CES round-up 2012

CES 2012 featured products from Toshiba, Technical Audio Devices, Belkin and other leading electronics manufacturers; here's a breakdown of what the show had to offer.

With over 1.8 million sqft of space filled by exhibitors at Consumer Electric Show this year, it was the largest in the show’s 44-year history. Here are 10 of our highlights that came out of the Las Vegas exhibition.

The OLED 55in EM9600 was presented as the newest addition to LG’s range of TV’s, featuring smart TV with streaming and social media, the new Magic Motion remote with four models including one with a built-in mic, and passive 3D technology.

 Samsung’s 55in Super OLED TV picked up numerous awards for its appearance at CES, including Stuff Magazine’s CES Hot Stuff award and Popular Science’s Best of CED 2012:products of the future, and delivered super OLED technology in quality and a sleek design.

Haier showcased its latest ‘cloud living’ product range, which included a 3D TV that doesn’t require the use of 3D-glasses and that uses mind wave technology – the Virtually Edgless Cloud TV. The TV also interacts with other devices such as mobile phones, computers and PDAs, and by using cloud technology the TV can act as remote control for anything from washing machines to PCs.

With much focus on Ultrabook’s at the event, several manufacturers had them on display – including Acer, Asus, HP, LG, Toshiba and Samsung. Levovo’s Yoga Ultrabook combines the stylistic features of both a tablet and notebook with its 360° dual hinge flip and fold design. Running on Windows 8, the Yoga Ultrabook weighs a mere 3.1 pounds and features a high-definition 13.3in display. Belkin and Kwikset partnered up at CES 2012 to bring remote locking to smartphones. The new device will use Belkin’s Wemo system and Kwikset’s Home Connect technology to operate and control doorlocks remotely from smartphones using a home Wifi network.

A prototype for the next-generation of video content navigation system came as the combined efforts of Omek and Jinni Media technologies at CES 2012. Viewers were able to have their taste in films and television and their moods analysed, resulting in an automated choice of movie and television content through the unique semantic search engine and initiative gesture control

Mitsubishi Electric picked up the NATAS 63rd Annual Technology and Engineers Emmy Award for its Diamond Visions Systems at the CES 2012 show. The company’s Diamond Vision enables a superior picture for large screens, and has featured in installations at the Yankee Stadium and New York’s Times Square. 

CES 2012 saw the launch of two new products by Technical Audio Devices Laboratories – the TAD-E1 loudspeaker and the TAD-C600 preamplifier. The TAD-E1 has a range of features including Coherent sound Transducer, Beryllium Tweeter and Magnesium Midrange. While the TAD-C600 offers fully balanced circuitry and dual mono construction, vibration asrobtion technology and low-noise technology. 

Tablets were few and far between at CES 2012, but one tablet that did feature in the event was Toshiba’s new Excite E10 – claiming to be the world’s thinnest tablet at 0.3 inches thick. Not only is the tablet thin, it’s also extremely light weighing just 1.2 pounds. 

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) last week said it would standardised Bluetooth wireless connection for 3D glasses, and there was much interest in the use of Bluetooth in the living room, as the new standard will give 3D glasses users more freedom of movement, longer battery life and increased interoperability.

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