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Salty Pig Restaurant serves up JBL Control loudspeakers

A recipe of Harman solutions were selected for a new audio solution at the revamped Salty Pig Restaurant. Among others, JBL 24C ceiling loudspeakers and Crown XLS series amplifiers were installed to facilitate customer satisfaction.

The newly renovated Salty Pig restaurant in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, recently installed a variety of Harman’s JBL loudspeakers, including the Control 67P/T full-range pendant loudspeakers. Boston-based integrators GC Pro decided to go with a full Harman system to satisfy the structurally challenging building. “We designed the whole system from scratch,” PK Pandey, senior sccount manager, explains. “The ceiling was not easy to mount anything and we did not want to mess with the integrity of the restaurant itself. With many reflective surfaces as well, it was a challenge deciding what products worked best. JBL, with their diverse selection of options, made our job easy.” Pandey opted to install seven JBL Control 67P/T full-range pendant loudspeakers in the main area of the restaurant, while five CBT 50LA column loudspeakers were fitted around the outdoor patio area. Two Control SB210 compact subwoofers serve both indoor and outdoor systems, allowing the CBT’s and Control loudspeakers to work more efficiently. In addition, five JBL Control 24C ceiling loudspeakers were deployed in the bathrooms and seating area. Meanwhile, for amplification, four Crown XLS series amplifiers were installed along with dbx ZonePro 1260 system processing. “The CBT’s were easy to mount and their outdoor capability makes them the best option. We also don’t have to worry about hot spots or distortion over time, especially in Boston where the weather can change every 10 minutes,” explains Pandey. Additional power is also available from the Crown amplifiers, providing an option to enhance the system if necessary. “Everything is about the experience at the Salty Pig,” finishes Pandey. “It really is about the food and the customer experience and we wanted to provide the restaurant with a sound system that could be pushed to the limit if needed, but also allowed customers to sit back and relax and enjoy their meal.”