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Russian cinemas adopt digital signage

Russian cinema operator Formula Kino has begun the process of replacing static signage in its 14 cinemas with digital signage supplied by integrator Adissy.

Formula Kino is a large cinema network consisting of 14 movie theatres all over Moscow. Russian digital signage specialist Adissy has installed 13 digital menu boards in three Formula Kino movie theatre cafés, replacing static menu boards with dynamic digital menu displays. More cinemas are expected to follow soon.

The installation comprises software from FriendlyWay, with AOpen DE7000 media players and Philips screens.

“The integration of dynamic menu boards is related to, first, technological effectiveness: now, we have the ability to change display information inexpensively and in a timely manner, as well as to remotely control the system as a whole,” said Andrey Alikberov, IT director of Formula Kino. “Besides its modern and fashionable design, it also accentuates visitors’ attention on the fact that our movie theatres use cutting-edge technology.”

“In the near future, we expect to replace the existing static displays with dynamic displays in all formula Kino movie theatres, starting with the largest ones,” he continued. “Along with that, we plan gradual integration of technologies for interaction with our visitors.”