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Linney uses robotics to create immersive marketing films

Linney, an innovative company in film marketing, is using robotics and advanced LED to build upon the virtual production capabilities of its film studio in the East Midlands, England

Linney, an innovative company in film marketing, has improved its virtual production technology with the addition of motion control robotics. As the first film studio in the East Midlands, England, to make a significant investment in virtual production and motion control robotics, Linney aims to allow brands to create immersive marketing films, giving them the flexibility to work with any background, or location.

The latest technology investment builds upon the studio’s existing virtual production capabilities, anchored by advanced LED technology. A high-resolution 6×4-metre HDR screen serves as the focal point of this breakthrough, enabling the creation of life-like environments.

The on-site studio in Mansfield, known for its work in tabletop virtual production (capturing products that fit on a tabletop in an immersive environment), now boasts enhanced capabilities with the integration of motion control robotics. This innovative technology allows brands across sectors  – particularly in the retail, fashion, beauty and hospitality sectors – to craft narratives in an immersive environment.

Luke Dennis, head of film, Linney, said: “We are excited to offer the benefits of motion control robotics to our customers. This investment opens up endless possibilities for crafting captivating and creative concepts.”