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Robe lighting chosen for multi-purpose modernist venue

Sono Centrum in Brno, Czech Republic is a new live music club, hotel and restaurant all on the same site owned by local entrepreneur Jiŕĭ Ŝtopl. The modernist building was designed by architect Frantĭsek Šmédek to resemble a PA speaker cone from the outside.

The venue has live recording facilities and three floors with two large balconies and four bars. A series of trusses have been flown in the roof to provide the lighting positions with Robe products making up 90% of the lighting used.

The lighting supply was co-ordinated for Robe by Petr Kolmačka and the spec was finalised by Kolmačka, Ŝtopl and the Music Club’s technical manager, Daniel Giač.

The fixtures include eight Pointes, six LEDWash 1200s, eight LEDWash 800s, four ROBIN DLS Spots, eight MMX Spots and eight MMX WashBeams, all fitted with the Lumen Radio wireless DMX card. In addition, a grandMA2 light was specified for control and MDG hazers for atmospherics.

Kolmačka commented: “The space is incredible – the architecture, the acoustics and the aesthetics are all very special and it’s completely different from anything else we have here in the Czech Republic. Apart from that it’s been a real honour working with Jiŕĭ Ŝtopl, who together with Daniel Kachlíř from Marka AT, have been closely involved at every stage of the process. It was a full team effort and very satisfying.”

The proximity to Robe’s HQ in Valašské Meziříčí was also a real bonus when deciding on the moving light supplier.

For the exterior Kolmačka proposed two Anolis ArcSource Outdoor 48 Integrals, fitted with wireless cards and run via Robe’s VTX wireless system.

The first lighting operator at Sono Centrum, Martin Nakladal, who has previously worked in other clubs and rental companies, added: “They are great for the diversity of music we get here.”