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RGBlink adds dual SDI output option to VSP628pro presentation switcher

RGBlink has expanded the range of options for its flagship VSP628pro presentation switcher and scaler, with options for dual SDI output over and above the standard DVI/HDMI outputs.

RGBlink has expanded the range of options for its flagship VSP628pro presentation switcher and scaler, with options for dual SDI output over and above the standard DVI/HDMI outputs. While the DVI/HDMI output is the mainstay of entertainment-based applications that use LED, projectors and LCD, it has been the popularity of the RGBlink VSP628pro with the broadcast market that has let led to this latest release.

To date RGBlink has offer a single-channel SDI output option (which also supports HDBaseT and FiberPort on the same module), the single channel being the Program output only. This new dual SDI output option allows both video presentation channels to be delivered on SDI. While typically the two channels are in Program and Preview configuration, the VSP628pro can be configured on board as separate 2K/Full HD output channels, meaning two independently configurable output channels for resolution and scale.

The company believes this new option will open up new possibilities in applications where SDI is a must. VSP628pro supports up to 3G SDI Level A and B, which as you would expect is extended to the new dual SDI output option. This brings to two the additional output options available VSP628pro, while input options now number eight, including the 4K input option announced last month.

The standard, out-of-the-box offering includes inputs for SDI, DVI and HDMI – all with loop – as well as VGA and DisplayPort. And the VSP628pro also includes genlock in and loop as standard also – a feature that is important for the broadcast market, and increasingly in others.