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Tech Guide: Why buy Oblong’s Mezzanine Series collaboration solution?

Just the facts. A straight-to-the-point guide detailing what you need to know about some of the latest AV tech releases, with the tech jargon kept to a minimum

Product type: Immersive Visual Collaboration Solution

Target market: Large enterprises

What’s new? Mezzanine has introduced a new ‘PoP’ Picture on Picture feature which automates the size and position of the video conferencing feed in a connected work session, so that collaborators always have the best content sharing experience. Mezzanine has also been updated to include integrations with popular ecosystems like Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business.

Details: The Mezzanine Series is a scalable range
of immersive visual collaboration solutions which can adapt to any size of workspace. Ranging from the 200 Series (two screen), which is ideal for smaller ideation or huddle rooms, to the 650 series (six screen) for creating larger collaboration war-room environments. Mezzanine connects teams into a shared workspace to engage in truly collaborative work and presentations, facilitating; simultaneous multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, multi-location immersive visual collaboration.
Mezzanine is operated in-room via a gestural interface, allowing participants to manipulate shared content across the screens using a wand. Remote participants can also move, save, edit or annotate content, within the shared workspace, from their connected device (phone, tablet, laptop).

Available: Now

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