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Tech Guide: Why buy Datapath’s Hx4 standalone wall controller?

A straight-to-the-point guide detailing what you need to know about some of the latest AV tech releases, with the tech jargon kept to a minimum

Product type: Display wall controller

Target market: Small to medium-sized, high quality display applications

What’s new? Everything, it’s a brand new product

Details:  Capable of running a single 4K HDMI source across four HD outputs in ultra-high definition, the Hx4 brings power and allows creativity for any digital display configuration. A single HDMI1.4 input provides four HDMI1.3 outputs, allowing numerous creative possibilities and the ability to rotate crop, upscale and mirror content. Each output monitor can take its input from any region of the output image as all of the cropping, scaling, rotation and frame rate conversion is handled by the Hx4 hardware. When used with Datapath’s powerful Wall Designer applications software, the Hx4 can represent any arrangement or configuration of the source image. Datapath’s Hx4 has a single Ethernet connection, which can be used for status monitoring and complete control of the hardware. A flexible REST application programme interface is also supported to allow third-party software integration. Supplied with a three-year warranty.

Available: Now

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