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No cheap seats at the home cinema

The latest addition to the Artcoustic collection and is said to be "a true game changer" for commercial spaces and larger cinema rooms

The A6 speaker is the latest addition to the Artcoustic collection and is, the company claims, a true game changer for commercial spaces and larger cinema rooms, where seating is positioned across multiple rows and on more than one level.

The Performance A6 is described as a true high SPL all-rounder, and can be used as a single sound reinforcement speaker or mounted as multiples. To achieve the high sensitivity needed for a fully immersive cinema experience, Artcoustic’s line array technology allows the user to create a focused ‘beam’, projecting the sound directly at the listener.

According to the company, the A6 also functions well when wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted as surround and overhead speakers for cinema applications demanding a larger sound pressure level.
The smaller size of cabinet and adjustable angles allows each individual module to be laser-aligned to different locations in the audience, ensuring each listener gets the same quality of sound regardless of where he or she is sitting. As Artcoustic says, there shouldn’t be any ‘cheap seats’ in a home cinema.