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Lighting control showcase

Specialist providers are bringing an expanding range of lighting functionality to the smart home with these control solutions

Lutron delivers personalised control

RA2 Select is a whole-home lighting and shading system for residential properties. As RA2 Select is a wireless system, it is ideal for retrofit applications. The only wiring required are the in-line dimmers and switches. The Main Repeater is simply plugged into a wall socket for power and connected to the home network for integration.

Setup of RA2 Select requires the Lutron RA2 Select app to be downloaded. The homeowner or installer can follow the steps in the app to add each device to the system, pick which room it goes in, give it a name and this smart technology will automatically configure the programming.

The system also offers a ‘Smart Away’ feature, which randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when the home is unoccupied. This can be manually triggered in the app or automatically triggered if the ‘Arriving/Leaving Home’ feature is turned on.

RA2 Select puts total control in the hands of the end-user – allowing them to manage and personalise their system in any way. This makes it an ideal solution for homeowners who want the benefits of a professionally installed smart home system, but also the flexibility and power to make their own changes via the app.

Integrated lighting with Rako

QMotion FM Roller and Roman blinds can now be natively integrated into Rako lighting control systems, without the need for special drivers, interfaces or extra programming. This development will increase the market opportunity for integrators, making automated lighting and blind installation quicker and easier to improve project profitability.

Both low voltage wired and battery powered versions of QMotion’s FM Blinds are available to integrate natively with Rako lighting control systems via the Rako RK-HUB or WK-HUB. The wireless control protocol is embedded within the HUB, enabling initial setup and operation. Once the blinds are configured, they automatically become part of the Rako system. Installers can operate simple open, stop and close functions alongside four preset park positions as well as set any percentage level of blind opening between fully open and fully closed. Rako ‘Holiday Mode’ integrates automatic activation of lighting and shading for added security when the home is unoccupied.   

Up to eight QMotion UK blinds can be connected per room. On larger projects and where additional RF range may be required, then multiple Rako HUBS linked via the LAN can be used, without any limitations. Control is possible via the Rako wired or wireless controller.

Easy-to-install luxury from Vantage and WAC

For luxury residential environments, Vantage has combined its advanced lighting control capabilities with the Lumenetix araya5 light engine built into WAC Lighting’s tunable, low-voltage LED lighting fixtures. This is designed to provide integrators with end-to-end, human-centric lighting systems.

The Vantage controller is programmed to match the sunrise/sunset schedule shift throughout the year that best supports people’s natural circadian rhythm, based on the location of each installation. Scenic presets can override programming at any time through a simple button press to match users’ daily tasks — whether they’re studying or winding down. The Vantage platform is compatible with DMX or 0V to 10V protocols, providing intuitive single-button control of whichever technology is behind the LED source. 

These fixtures replicate natural daylight for optimisation of aesthetics, comfort, wellness, and visual acuity. For integrators, the combined result is an end-to-end LED lighting solution that is easily installed and maintained, energy-efficient, and synchronised with the circadian clock all humans share.

Savant provides flexibility to the smart home

The latest lighting and two-channel energy control modules from Savant have been engineered to deliver control and energy management of lighting as well as other electrical loads such as household appliances throughout the home all from a compact, easy to install form factor.

Savant’s modules were designed for easy installation into standard electrical panels, eliminating the need for excessively large, more costly specialty panels. The compact size of each module ensures design application flexibility and ease of installation. Because modules can be used for many individual electrical load applications throughout the home and are fully compatible with the Savant control ecosystem, technology integrators have a tremendous opportunity to deliver better smart home functionality, critical energy usage data across all electrical load types as well as the foundation for a net-zero compliant home design.

Integrators can connect large appliances, outlets, pool pumps and other electrical loads to Savant’s modules and deliver energy consumption data across the whole home to the Savant Pro App, delivering complete, dynamic environmental control of climate, lighting and other electrical loads. During peak usage times or other electrical events, homeowners can easily see power consumption and make real-time adjustments through the Savant Pro App or rely on their Savant system to make adjustments automatically on their behalf.