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CEDIA releases new White Papers

In 2019, CEDIA released a total of five new White Papers as part of its commitment to increase industry professionalism and help home technology integrators more easily understand constantly evolving technologies and industry standards. In January 2020, CEDIA also released a new white paper on audio-video over Internet Protocol (AV-over-IP) systems.

The most recent addition, AV-over-IP Systems provides background on the technology, a comprehensive overview of its uses, and the many considerations at play, including infrastructure, power, and compression. It also details factors like quality, bandwidth, and latency.

“Integrators and their customers are constantly seeking more efficient, cost-effective ways of delivering today’s data-heavy media options and AV-over-IP is certainly a valuable tool worth exploring,” said CEDIA Senior Director of Technology and Standards Walt Zerbe “Our members rely on CEDIA to be on top of the topics that are new and next, and this white paper fits the bill by breaking down the ‘geekiest’ points of AV-over-IP.”

The Quality of Power white paper, explores conditions and causes of electrical problems, and the solutions to deliver a better quality of power. It has been designed to help break down the complex topics of electrical noise and power anomalies and what can be done to mitigate their effects.
“There is no denying that technology is more a part of our daily lives than it has ever been before. The digital native generation does not know a world without the internet. With this demand for access to technology comes another sometimes overlooked need – the need for power that is free from transients, interruptions, and noise,” said Walt Zerbe, Senior Director of Technology and Standards.

“CEDIA’s new white paper explores why it is important to have quality power and how integrators can deliver better quality power to their clients.”

CEDIA also released the final instalment of a three-part, video-centred white paper series. The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Colorimetry, which covers the wide-ranging topic of video colour, provides background on cinematic colour and explores topics including: colour perception, colour gamut, colour space, chroma subsampling, colour bit depth, high dynamic range, and calibration.

“Colorimetry is complicated and understanding its full scope, from the creator’s vision to its final presentation on a home display, can be a lot to digest,” said CEDIA Director of Technical Research, David Meyer. “A truly-immersive experience demands integrators grasp the art and science of colorimetry and this white paper will help break down complex concepts so CEDIA pros can continue to deliver the best results for their customers.”

Other white papers released in 2019 include; The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution, Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data, and Video, and Securing the Residential Network. This year, plans call for additional white papers analysing topics like HDBaseT, workforce development, and Wi-Fi 6.

Each white paper supports the organisation’s strategy of raising the professionalism of the industry through standards, guidelines, and best practices. CEDIA is evaluating a variety of important subjects for 2020, to allow integrators to develop their knowledge in key areas. To connect to the full portfolio of white papers, visit:

All white papers are available for CEDIA members to download for free on They can also be purchased by non-members for $99.