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RCF selected for UK Bierkeller installs

Installer JSAV UK has specified RCF Media and Acustica loudspeakers for two sound system installs at German-style Bierkellers in Sheffield and Lincoln.

Jaye Selway, who runs JSAV has used RCF solutions for other late night bars in owner Paul Kinsey’s estate. But for the unique German environment, featuring oompah bands and lederhosen, she needed a versatile, compact loudspeaker with wide dispersion, since much of the dancing is conducted on the bench tables and bar tops under a low ceiling.

With separate DJ, band and background music inputs feeding the system Selway specified 14 Media M602 (120W AES), two M601 (100W AES) and a pair of 5012 12in bass reflex subs in Sheffield.

To prevent sound spillage to neighbouring properties JSAV worked closely with the Environmental Protection Officer. “We zoned the venue tightly using Soundweb London, specifying a good number of speakers, which could be run at lower volume, and therefore create less vibration,” said Selway. “This was especially important, considering the closest neighbours were situated directly above, within a couple of metres of the venue ceiling.”

Although the footprint was similar to Sheffield, the shape for the Lincoln bar was narrow and rectangular, and thus the installer specified eight Media M602 and eight M601 to provide full room coverage. Oompah bands performing on stage play out through a separate PA comprising a pair of RCF Acustica C5212-66 (60° x 60° coverage) 500W AES speakers, while the Media series continues to deliver the immersive surround sound. Ancillary PL6X coaxial ceiling speakers have been detailed for the toilets, once again utilising Soundweb London for zoning and distribution.

“Everyone is delighted with the sound system and that’s why we continue to use RCF,” concluded Selway. “We can run the Media series pretty much straight out of the box, with no real EQ necessary. It’s perfect for this type of installation, leaving the management free to look after the venue, rather than the sound.”