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Quantum leap – avielo shows new HD 1080p projector

The quantum from avielo by projectiondesign was introduced at CEDIA Expo in the US. Billed as avielo's "newest and most affordable full HD 1080p projector", the avielo is a home theatre device that weighs only 6.5lbs and is said to deliver high contrast images ideal for screen sizes up to 8ft wide.

The quantum’s specification also include projectiondesign’s RealColor colour management suite, full 10-bit video processing and Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. The projector is available with four different high-resolution projection lenses with vertical shift, while the inclusion of AMX Device Discovery functionality and Crestron Integrated Partner status are said to simplify the installation work for the integrator and ensure cost savings for the client.

Anders L_kke, international marketing & communications manager at projectiondesign, told II: “The avielo quantum gives the same quality as our professional high-end models, yet it’s created to fit into European home cinema applications. It’s also necessary to mention the heritage of where this new model comes from as it uses technology from our professional quality high-performance projection products and is designed for the custom installation market. Because we make it available in a smaller chassis and at a lower price-point, we do think this has a great potential among European integrators and users as it gives professional level quality in a simple installation package.”