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Q+A: Mood Media and YETI on flagship retail install

Mood Media has completed an interactive, creative retail installation in the flagship store of YETI, a cooler and drinkware brand, based in Austin, Texas.

Known for its loyal fan base of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, anglers, pit masters and ranchers, the install is designed to reflect YETI’s strong brand identity and its Austin roots. Mood Media was responsible for installing the store’s brand specific displays and sound systems to help capture the YETI in-store experience. These installations include a multi-zone overhead Bose music system and Samsung displays with Mood’s MVision digital signage solutions throughout the store.

Following the announcement, Installation conducted a Q+A with Tony Kaplan, director of consumer experience at YETI and Ken Eissing, president, in-store media at Mood Media.

What were the main points included in the project brief from YETI?

Ken Eissing: YETI wanted to create a memorable retail experience that draws on not only current customers, but also those interested in the active lifestyles supported by the brand. The multi-zone content strategy focused on maximising digital signage to enhance the customer experience at several unique touch points.

What did the experiential installs entail?

KE: There were several unique components of this installation. For example, the Ambassador Wall showcases five different YETI Ambassador segments that appear to be frozen still images, yet if you watch closely, the images come to life with movements that are engaging to the eye. Another interesting touch point is to display how strong and durable YETI coolers are made. The YETI vs. digital display showcases the strength of the products as they are tested against bears in the wild, strong man contests, and even Grandma’s fruitcake being shot from a cannon.

What are some of the steps you have to take to ensure a project like this is profitable?

KE: To ensure a project like this is profitable, we minimise any waste in hardware or supporting materials by conducting a pre-installation site survey. Here we determine all key details of the installation before hardware is ordered. We also ensure profitability by deploying our proprietary content management platform (called MVision) that meets the needs of our clients in a cost-effective manner.

How does this project differ from other retail installs Mood Media has been involved in?

KE: While most retail installations are focused on enhancing the customer journey, this project took it to the next level, particularly surrounding the attention to detail at each screen level. Instead of only branding and marketing messages, YETI provides multiple unique touch points that extend the brand to the multiple audiences who utilise their products.

Are retailers more interested in tech that provides accurate information on customer behaviour and demographics or tech that improves and personalises the customer experience?

KE: It all depends on the goals of the retailer and overall objectives of utilising retail technology. Some retailers prioritise delivering a unique and memorable customer experience so they search for technology solutions that enable this. Other retailers are more interested in using technology to gain a clearer understanding of their customer base and what is important to them.

Was there any consideration given to utilising other cutting edge technologies such as physical cookies and beacons?

Tony Kaplan: We are continually looking at innovative technologies to bring best in class experiences to our consumers and that is where our focus is, on the consumer facing side.

As the store is aimed at a loyal customer base, was there less emphasis placed on attracting new customers or turning casual shoppers into brand advocates?

TK: We are equally focused on building a stronger bond with existing customers and introducing new people to YETI. We hope the store experience does an impactful job of creating that emotional bond that extends the relationship far beyond their visit to the store, whether a newcomer or loyalist.