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PureLink offers high performance, secure cables

The certified high-speed cables from the PureInstall series on show on the PureLink stand consist of high-purity OFC copper cables with gold-plated plug connectors.

To avoid signal losses and errors in transmission lengths exceeding 15m, PureLink equips its cables with amplifiers on the display side signal. APO (Active Performance Optimiser) technology is said to ensure that images are always sharp and sound is crystal clear.

The design of the HDMI connector with the Secure-Lock System developed by PureLink is claimed to have no equivalent in the market. The increased maximum pulling force of 6.8kg guarantees, says the company, a steadily secure and stable connection even under heavy loads. If this load limit is exceeded, the cable will automatically disconnect from the socket to prevent damage to the cable or to expensive equipment.

The patented Ultra Lock System ensures mechanically secure HDMI connections by locking the HDMI connector in the socket. The 360° safety lock ensures permanently uninterrupted connections, can be used universally with any HDMI socket, and can be switched between the positions ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ with only one hand.