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Prysm enhances collaboration capabilities at Wipro

Display solutions developer Prysm has installed a Cascade 117 collaboration videowall system at the Wipro Customer Experience Centre (CEC), Mountain View, California, US. California-based AV design and integration firm Avidex Industries completed installation of the solution.

The Wipro CEC is designed to demonstrate emerging technologies, test proof of concepts and give customers the opportunity to see the latest data center, enterprise, and cloud solutions in real-world, real-time scenarios. It also uses the latest immersive, collaborative, and interactive demonstration technologies available in the industry.

Wipro wanted a system that would showcase its many solutions to customers and provide a platform for collaborative content development. An important objective was achieving the means to shift from passive presentations to an active engagement experience.

“We have designed a space that truly showcases the great benefits Wipro solutions and services can deliver for our customers,” said Ayan Mukerji, chief executive , Global Media and Telecom & Product Engineering Services at Wipro. “We’ve moved from passive presentations to driving engagement and collaboration with customers through the capabilities of our Prysm video wall.”

The Cascade 117 video wall creates a 42sq ft digital canvas for collaboration and interactive demonstration of the breadth of Wipro’s leading technology and service solutions. The system combines advanced high-definition, low-energy, virtually seamless displays with touch- enabled interaction. Users at Wipro can present, share, reposition, resize, annotate and edit all types of content through on-screen touch, PCs or mobile devices. Multiple, simultaneous live inputs can be displayed and interacted with on screen including video, telepresence and web apps. Configurable workspaces, meanwhile, allow teams to share the use of a Cascade system with other groups, save their work between sessions, and pick up where they left off when they next meet.