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Prysm claims its LPD 6K large format display sets a new standard for video walls

Available in 190 inch or 135 inch models, these interactive large-format single panel displays are ideal for meeting rooms, digital signage and entertainment

AV display and visual collaboration solutions provider Prysm, is creating what it calls a ‘new category in the display market’ by unveiling its latest display innovation – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series.

Available in 190 inch or 135 inch models, these interactive large-format single panel displays offer a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels with power consumption similar to a commercial coffee maker. The displays are shatter-resistant, flexible and offer rollability for transport.

The displays, so says the firm, are ideal for enhancing meeting – providing more engagement and faster decision making –, Digital signage due to its ‘un compromised distance-viewing,’ and private theatres – providing an ‘ultra-clear’ and ‘colour rich’ 6K experience.

“Since 2012, Prysm’s LPD technology has been the building block of each of our video walls and has been deployed by more than 200 global brands spanning vertical markets such as automotive, consulting, technology, finance, pharmaceutical, media and universities – to name a few,” said Dr. Roger Hajjar, founder and CTO, Prysm. “With today’s LPD 6K news, we are eliminating the disjointed experience that can be created by tiled video wall solutions to deliver an exceptional combination of visual integrity with a responsive touch experience – setting a new standard for interactive video walls and collaboration.”

The new Prysm LPD 6K features:

  • An immersive, bezel-free viewing experience, featuring a high fill factor and an exceptional contrast ratio, resulting in striking picture quality and built-in interactivity with more than 32 simultaneous touchpoints
  • A cool-to-the-touch screen with low power intake, consuming at least 20 percent less energy than similarly sized LED/LCD video walls with 96 percent recyclable materials
  • Better serviceability with easier access from the front of the unit