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Promek invests in Cree LED lighting

Norwegian aluminium boat building company, Promek, has replaced its lighting solution with Cree Edge Park LED lumininaries in line with new energy efficiency initiatives.

Promek, which is located in Nelvika, manufactures boats for fishing and other industries ranging in size from 7m to 19m for both Norwegian and international clients in regions including Hong Kong, Spain, Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, Sweden and more. Promek required a new lighting solution to create a more comfortable environment for its employees to help enhance visibility during operations that require extreme precision. In addition, in a country where lighting in the winter months becomes essential, energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting systems such as LED technology meant the company could benefit from significant energy savings.

The company enlisted the support of Elsikker, which is a leading Norwegian company in the study of plant lighting. The Cree Edge Park LED lighting fixtures were selected to replace the existing high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting, which were becoming too expensive to maintain. Cree’s exclusive distributor for Norway, EnergyOptimal, installed a total of 139 Cree Edge Park LED fixtures which deliver 4000K colour temperature and offer an improved on colour rendering.

“Cree LED lighting fixtures were installed quickly, and nearly eliminated the maintenance costs we were spending with the previous lighting system,” said Morten Groseth, managing director of EnergyOptimal. “Since installing Cree fixtures, total energy consumption is now reduced to 21 kilowatts and the lighting system is equipped with dimming capabilities, for added energy usage savings of more than 50 percent.”

Thanks to Cree’s high-quality fixtures, Promek is experiencing significant energy and maintenance savings compared to the previous lighting system.