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Prolight + Sound 2017 to debut ‘Silent Stage’ concept

This year’s Prolight + Sound will introduce attendees to a new Silent Stage concept and show area so event technology professionals and musicians can see how this stage set-up can improve not only the mix but also the performance of musical acts.

The advantages of a Silent Stage will be explained and opportunities for implementing the concept illustrated by live demonstrations featuring a presenter and band.

Numerous event technology companies are involved and will be showing their products and technologies. They include Audio-Technica, Box of Doom, Cymatic Audio, Fischer Amps, Hearsafe, InEar, Kemper, Klang Technologies and Vision Ears.

The idea behind the Silent Stage is to cut on-stage noise levels to a minimum using, for example, amp simulations, isolation boxes, drum cages and electronic musical instruments. Equally, no monitoring loudspeakers are used and the musicians hear themselves and the other band members via an individually adjustable headphone mix.

This has several advantages for the acoustic irradiation. In the first place, the sound from the PA system competes less with that emanating from the stage. Secondly, there is less crosstalk between the individual signals that can be clearly separated in the mix. When correctly implemented, the quality of the sound reaching visitors from the PA system can approach that of a studio recording. Moreover, the silent-stage concept makes it easier to control the overall volume of an event, meaning that live music is also possible in situations where noise levels may not exceed a certain limit.

For musicians on the stage, they are able to concentrate fully on the sound via the in-ear monitoring system, which can be mixed according to their individual preferences. This can result in an improved overall performance. Last but not least, the reduced noise level protects the musicians’ hearing.

Prolight + Sound presents the advantages and the technologies required on a special stage erected in accordance with the silent stage principle, on which a professional band will play several times a day throughout the show.

Initially, visitors only hear quiet music via the PA system. However, via listening terminals in front of the stage, they can immerse themselves in the band’s world of sound and discover the transparent sound made possible by the silent stage concept. Additionally, visitors interested in headphones will be able to test the various in-ear and on-ear products from the exhibitors taking part. Together with the band, a presenter will explain the techniques used on the stage in detail and answer questions.

Thus, the Silent Stage is not only an attractive infotainment event for visitors but also a new platform for companies wanting to demonstrate solutions for reducing noise levels and in-ear and on-ear monitoring under realistic conditions. The programme will be held in English.

The Silent Stage special area will be a new magnet in Hall 4.1 (audio + multimedia) where visitors can discover products and services revolving around miking, portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, production, radio and network and media technology.

Picture: Pietro Sutera