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Prolight + Sound 2014: Robe launches into 20th year

Lighting company Robe is marking its 20th year at Prolight + Sound by launching several products, including the LEDBeam 1000. It features a proprietary optical system enabling a zoom of 4º to 60º with full beam control for beam or wash lighting that needs a super-fast pan/tilt.

The company is also debuting CycFX – a highly versatile truss or floor-mountable fixture featuring four individually controllable LEDs. The solution is a downsized version of the company’s CycFX 8 and offers 8º to 67º zoom and ‘lightning-quick’ movement. It is said to be ideal for creating spectacular sweeps and curtains of light and colour across a stage or area and also for footlights or audience ‘blinder’ effects.

Also on displays for the first time is the PARFect 100, which is based on the hugely popular LEDBeam 100 technology, with the same optical system and light engine in a static housing. The device uses 12 15W RGBW LEDs and has a 7º beam angle with the option of additional diffusers to achieve 10º, 20º and 45º. A Powercon connector in and out allows 12 or six units (Europe and US respectively) to be daisy-chained together, and optional accessories include barn doors and a gel frame.

As well as new launches, Robe is also re-launching upgraded versions of its Actor 3, 6 and 12 LEDWash moving heads. The devices feature new electronics allowing much smoother dimming curve than previously. New thermal management also means improved and near-silent cooling – said to be essential for the theatre applications at which it’s aimed, together with studio installations and performing arts shows.

In addition, Robe is previewing LiteWare battery powered LED products from UK company GDS – a range which the Czech company acquired mid-February.