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Projectors booming in Middle East

Worldwide growth in projector sales is healthy - and nowhere more so than the Middle East, which has been seeing 25-30% increases over the past few quarters.

According to reports, the projector business in the Middle East is booming, with quarter-on-quarter sales increasing by an average of 25-30% over the past few quarters. The education sector is said to account for some 30% of all sales, and 3D is credited with having driven recent growth across all sectors. Epson is the market leader, followed by BenQ.

Future Source Consulting believes that demand in the second quarter of 2011 could have been as high as ~110,000 units – almost double the ~57,000 units sold in the corresponding period the previous year. Annual sales are forecast at ~450,000, up from ~345,000 last year.

The largest market in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, followed by the UAE and Kuwait – although it is estimated that some 80% of the projectors shipped to the UAE are re-exported.

The Middle East market is set against a global backdrop of the 24% growth – to 10.5 million units – forecast earlier this year by Pacific Media Associates, who estimate that 2015 could see close to 40 million projectors shipped.