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Projector market grew in 2011

Good growth in Asia and educational tenders in Europe helped projector sales approach 10 million units in 2011, according to Pacific Media Associates.

Research company Pacific Media Associates (PMA) has released its latest findings on the worldwide projector market. Total projector volume hit nearly 10 million in 2011 as annual sales registered a solid double-digit gain in Asia along with single-digit gains in the Americas and EMEA, according to PMA’s latest report.

In what PMA calls the “Mainstream” projector segment (projectors featuring 500-4,999 lumens), aggressive pricing for education tenders in France, Spain, and Russia helped drive seasonally strong fourth-quarter projector demand in Europe. In Asia, a large education tender in Indonesia helped offset a traditionally slow fourth quarter for projector sales in China. And in the Americas, the year finished with renewed strength in Latin America while the home theatre projector market in the United States and Canada registered record-setting sales during the fourth quarter.

Also in the Mainstream projector market, worldwide sales of ultra short-throw and interactive projectors finished the year up more than 50%. There was buoyant demand in the United States and Western Europe along with an acceleration in growth in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and many emerging market countries.

Sales of “High-End” projectors (5,000+ lumens) continued to outperform the Mainstream market. The fourth quarter capped a record year for digital cinema projectors with worldwide annual shipments topping 30,000 and cumulative shipments surpassing 70,000. Other High End projectors, including super-bright models used in commercial, government, and leisure large venues, also capped off a year of strong growth.

In the New Era (sub-500 lumens) range, worldwide unit sales increased from about 1.1 million units in 2010 to more than 1.8 million units in 2011. The biggest increases were seen in pico projectors embedded in mobile devices (cell phones, cameras, and camcorders) as well highly-mobile 300-500 lumen “Personal Projectors”.