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Projection screen is brighter over wider angles

New material aims to revolutionise projection screen technology

dnp denmark has launched a new screen material: Supernova 23-23. The new, so-called next generation high-gain material (NGHG) will be available with immediate effect on selected products, beginning with Supernova One and Supernova Core.

The 23-23 is dnp’s response to customers requesting higher-gain screens for smaller projectors in order to reduce overall installation costs. The higher the gain of a screen, the more light it reflects parallel to the projection axis, giving an image that is perceived to be brighter. The key objectives in producing this new screen material were to improve brightness uniformity, improve horizontal viewing angles and eliminate or reduce shimmering.

The new 23-23 is said to offer a 35% improvement in horizontal viewing angles over the 20-20-screen material. Additionally, the centre to corner brightness uniformity has been improved by 20%. It also has a much higher gain at wide viewing angles, which makes it much more useful for wide viewing arrangements.

As a result of this technological breakthrough, dnp’s current high-gain material will no longer be produced.