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Projection Artworks maps support for Syria

Projection specialist, Projection Artworks, has designed and produced a bespoke video-mapping show in Trafalgar Square to mark the third anniversary of the Syria Crisis.

The event held on the 13 March was commissioned by Save the Children and was backed by 114 other human rights and humanitarian groups.

As a focal point on Nelson’s Column, the projection show included an exclusive reworking of Banksy’s iconic street art, There Is Always Hope, and a 3D soundscape created with actual voices of Syrian refugees. Triggered by a child placing a candlelit jar on the ground, the projection then spread into hundreds of lights in the shape of a world map, focusing on Syria and key cities of support including London, New York, Washington, Paris and Moscow.

The show was part of a global candlelit vigil held in over forty countries in a campaign to implore world leaders to commit to ending the Crisis.

The campaign marks three years since civil war broke out in Syria and is backed by high-profile celebrities such as Banksy, actor Idris Elba and rock band Elbow. Martin Ware, formally of The Human League and Heaven 17, designed the 3D soundscape.