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Powersoft M Series drives new Antwerp museum

An elaborate new sandstone and glass construction featuring some very cutting-edge technology, MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) is the latest addition to Antwerp’s diverse collection of museums.

An elaborate new sandstone and glass construction, MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) is the latest addition to Antwerp’s diverse collection of museums.

The museum’s impressive tower comprises ten massive stone ‘boxes’ stacked on top of each other, with each box rotated by 90-degrees to form a giant spiral. As a result, the indoor space is a vertical gallery consisting of a spiral staircase, with the exhibitions interspersed by undulated glass walls revealing impressive views of the city.

To help realise the vision of a ‘Wake Up’ room on every floor that reflects one central theme in each case, Belgian AV systems integrator AV Studio was enlisted to undertake the design and installation work. Equipment was supplied by professional AV distributor FACE.

The resulting arrangement sees each floor divided into different spaces that guide visitors through a journey supported by multimedia aids consisting of concealed soundscapes, huge LD displays and touch screen PCs.

Powersoft amplifiers help to guide visitors to the central theme of each floor. M Series amplifiers with DSP are to be found on the central theme – appropriately enough! – of ‘Power’, while K Series with built-in DSP have been specified for the 7th floor ‘Life & Death!’ theme.

Steven Kemland, FACE sales manager, commented: “Powersoft proved to be up to the challenging task. Their wide range of amplifiers was perfect to meet all system requirements. Moreover, Powersoft environmental-friendly amps will help the client reducing operational costs on both consumption and external cooling.”