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Powersoft to host DSP training session at InfoComm 2017

Powersoft has announced it will host an on-site training session during InfoComm 2017, providing attendees with the opportunity to earn certification renewal credits.

The training will also teach attendees how to design and specify fixed install systems using DSP integrated Class D power amplifiers. The session will be hosted by Powersoft’s Marc Kocks and will grant 1.5 Renewal Units (RUs) and a Certificate of Completion.

Powersoft has been named an official InfoComm International Renewal Unit (RU) Provider. This will allow the more than 10,000 professionals holding InfoComm International’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential to earn renewal units towards their certification by completing Powersoft education programmes.

The session is entitled “How to Optimise Fixed Install Design Using DSP in Class D Amplifiers,” and will take place during the show on 15 June from 1pm to 2:30pm.

Kocks, Powersoft’s business development manager, fixed install, will walk attendees through the digital tools for system design. He will also explore the fundamentals of Powersoft’s switch mode technology, advanced DSP features, and networking functionality within the context of installed system design.

Any holder of InfoComm International’s Certified Technology Specialist credential will receive one and a half (1.5) RUs towards maintenance of their certification for their participation in the session. Powersoft will also issue a Certificate of Completion to each attendee to add to their credentials.

“This session is a fantastic opportunity for InfoComm attendees to renew their CTS certification while gaining valuable insight on how best to leverage our products’ DSP functionality,” said Kocks. “It will be a highly engaging and informative 90-minute crash course that will surely help integrators deliver optimal results for their clients in both sound quality and efficiency.”

Kocks will begin the session by guiding attendees through the process of calculating crest factor and a discussion of its relevance in system performance. From there he will delve into the technological capabilities of Powersoft’s Class D amplifiers, including their pulse width modulation output stage, Power Factor Correction, Smart Rails Management, and damping factor and damping control. A synopsis of the DSP processing featured on Powersoft’s X series and DSP+D amplifiers will follow, touching on internal routing capabilities, filters and equalisation, limiters, and live impedance monitoring. The session will culminate in a walk-through of the system design process with the aid of powerful tools designed to optimise system performance.

Session registration is required and is now open on a first-come, first-served basis for trade show registrants. To sign up, visit this link and navigate to course MT61.