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Powersoft gets Southern Hemisphere debut in Sydney

DJW Projects has become the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to install Powersoft’s new Quattrocanali four-channel amplifiers with an install in Sydney’s Prince Hotel pub.

Australian distributors PAVT (Production Audio Video Technology) supplied four of the Quattrocanali 4804 (1,200W pc/8 ohms). These are detailed to power 16 channels of the 12in Void Venu 12 system subwoofers at the new Prince Hotel in the suburb of Kirrawee for the Feros Group.

The Prince Hotel has a typical multi-zone pub operation and contains many speakers, requiring powerful single channel feeds. On the decision to go with Powersoft solutions, DJW Projects designer, Dave Coxon, explained: “In particular, I needed something with some real balls to run the subs. I’m a strong believer in Powersoft amps and when [PAVT MD] Graeme Stevenson said he had the new Quattrocanali series, we saw it as a great opportunity to put them on a job.”

They gave the advanced amplifiers “a real caning” and also tried them with the EAW KF850 in their production event division, running the entire system off a single amplifier before specifying them. Coxon said: “We loved the loading options, the heat dissipation and compact size of these Powersoft amps for installs, and having the Phoenix connectors is great; this saves installers 100 bucks an amp for connectors alone!

“They will run for years in an air-conned environment and on top of that, the fact that they have Dante was hugely appealing.”

Despite its name the Prince Hotel is a traditional family suburban pub rather than a hotel in the accepted sense. The greenfield construction, costing more than $11m to realise, is the result of a four-year dream for the Feros Group that recognised the need for leisure hospitality in the fast growing Southern Sydney precinct.

In the outside courtyard area they feature Sunday afternoon jazz or blues, and also host larger touring rock bands, when DJW Projects supplement the house PA by patching into the sound system via Dante – another reason for using Powersoft.

Void loudspeakers are used throughout. Most of the subs are situated in the apex roof on custom steel isolated frames, part of the distributed system in the public bar. Others are in the restaurant plenum firing directly into the room while the remainders are built into the joinery, facing back from the external car park wall, carefully processed to avoid disturbing the neighbours.