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Powersoft amplifiers complete Reno nightclub installation

The CARGO nightclub in Reno, Nevada has installed a new audio system using Powersoft M and K series amplifiers.

The CARGO nightclub in Reno, Nevada, has installed a new audio system using Powersoft M and K series amplifiers. The nightclub, which opened last June, is a 1,000-capacity venue located in the Whitney Peak Hotel in downtown Reno.

A new directive was put in place from management to raise the audio production and lighting design standards of the venue to a new level. At the core of the audio system is an EAW KF740 3-way array system, powered by Powersoft K10s, K6s and K2 channel high-performance power amplifiers.

“The whole idea of the club was to go high-end on the production side so we could be attractive to larger, nationally touring artists,” commented Dan Bishop, production manager at Whitney Park Hotel. “Now, CARGO is able to produce the same or better production quality that artists are used to experiencing in much larger venues. Our choice of Powersoft amplification played a key role in helping us attain both the quality of audio we required, while reducing overall power consumption. Since reopening the club in June, we are getting amazing feedback from both fans and artists alike — everyone is insanely impressed with the quality of production.”

“Once we got the system up and running, everyone was just floored,” said Bishop. “The clarity of the audio was amazing. There was no hum, no buzzing, no nothing. It was dead silent until you put something through the system. And once we did put audio through the system, what came out of it was so accurately reproduced, it was just amazing.”