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PL+S 2017: FaitalPRO adds to coaxial speaker range

FaitalPRO introduced the 10HX230 and 12HX230 full range loudspeakers last week at Prolight + Sound 2017, in coaxial configuration.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO pro audio division manager commented: “These new professional coaxials are really a great product and, of course, thoroughly follow all high quality prerogatives needed by our range of professional speakers.

“Given the size and the coaxial configuration, they allow to realise loudspeaker systems smaller in size if compared to those solutions which choose two separate acoustic sources.

“In addition, coaxials are great to create stage monitors, near field speakers, hanging or ceiling installation, in touring and in ‘general purpose’ of the highest technical and qualitative level.”

The new 10HX230 and 12HX230 stand next to the recently added 8XH230 speaker, which is designed to cover the mid-high frequencies, and may optionally be joined by a further woofer for reinforcement on the lower range. It is capable of optimising multiple applications including sound reinforcement, PA and where a low reinforcement sound is needed.

The new coaxial 10HX230 and 12HX230 are 10 and 12in additions to the company’s professional coaxial speaker range. The moving coil is identical for both models; as is the magnetic circuit for the woofer section; the centring and the diaphragms are different. The small internal horn to the woofer coil which operates the first acoustic coupling on the 10HX230 and 12HX230 driver is a diffraction one while that in use on 8HX200 provides an ‘almost tractrix’ profile.