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PLASA Focus Leeds: UK debut for Chauvet Professional Rogue series

The Platinum sponsor will also show the latest additions to the Professional Nexus series of LED panels.

Chauvet Professional is using PLASA Focus in Leeds to showcase its Rogue series, as well the latest additions to the Nexus series of LED video panels.

The Rogue series features two power output levels of moving head spot fixtures and moving beam luminaires. The fixtures are said to be quiet and fast, rugged, lightweight and durable.

“One of the things that makes Rogue unique is that it offers such outstanding performance and so many features for its price,” said Mike Graham, product manager at CHAUVET Professional. “Rogue will allow designers on a limited budget to create some very intense, high-impact designs with crisp beams, bright colours, aerial effects and split colors that may have been out of reach to them in the past because the budget wasn’t there.”

Rogue R1 Spot is powered by a 140W LED for a very even flat field. It has a 16° beam angle, making it ideal for gobo projection. Other features include an eight-colour wheel, as well as two gobo wheels. A three-facet prism allows this compact fixture to produce some impressive aerial effects, while its motorised iris and focus contribute to easy beam shaping.

Rogue R1 Beam is a powerful beam effect that uses an Osram Sirius 132W HRI lamp to produce 78,700 lux at 15m. This fixture offers the ability to layer both prisms simultaneously for eye-popping effects. This light’s steel gobo wheel has 17 slots plus open and allows aerial gobos plus a mix of apertures for tightly collimated beam locks.

Rogue R2 Spot is a 240W LED automated spot featuring two continuously and variably scrolling colour wheels. Other features include gobo morphing between wheels, a 16.5° beam angle with motorised iris, frost and three-facet prism and 16-bit LED dimming for excellent fade control.

Rogue R2 Beam is a powerful beam effect that produces 133,200 lux at 15m using an Osram Sirius 230W HRI lamp, and features an eight-facet rotating prism that can be used to create an endless array of dynamic looks. This powerful light cannon also features a tight 1° beam angle with crisp aerial effects and a colour wheel with 14 colours.

Also on show will be the Nexus Aw 7×7 – a 71mm pixel pitch stage blinder with 49 WW LEDS delivering a great output, including a wash with a warm and rich 2,800K colour temperature; and the Nexus Aq 5×5 – a 100mm pixel pitch LED system with mounting versatility that displays impactful text and vivid animated graphics in full RGBW colour and provides full colour mixing washes.