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PLASA campaigns against Euro eco lighting regulations

New regs could be financially devastating for venues, says association

PLASA is calling on lighting manufacturers, venue managers, rental companies, lighting designers and technicians to lobby the European Commission on the proposed Eco-Design Working Plan 2016-2019.

The Commission intends to merge three current sets of regulations for lighting products into one, which would taking effect from 2020. However, PLASA believes that there are strong and compelling reasons why entertainment industry lighting should not be subject to the same regulation as ordinary lighting products.

“Of particular concern is the potential for future LED light sources to consume more electricity than current tungsten sources due to long hours in necessary standby, despite being within the scope of the proposed regulation,” said the association in a statement.

It continued: “In order to comply with the changes venues would be required to budget for and replace the building’s entire lighting infrastructure. This could prove financially devastating for both large and small venues, heavily disrupting long running major theatre shows, grassroots venues and local theatre programmes.”

In a ‘call to arms’ message to the industry, Adam Bennette, technical director of ETC, wrote:

The potential risk is to all stage lighting, and is not really about the debate of tungsten vs LED, as both are threatened if the regulations are poorly drafted. The threats are varied and mostly unknown. We do not know:

• If tungsten will continue to be permitted

• If it is permitted, if anyone will still make tungsten lamps of the kind we need

• If additive colour mixing will be either permitted or allowed to follow a different rule

• If the efficiency limits will be modified for spotlights

• If the apparent exemption granted for stage lights of 82,000 lumens and above will be modified down to a sensible level (i.e. some twenty or more times less)

• If an ‘Only for professional use’ exemption policy could be acceptable

PLASA will be hosting two free-to-attend consultations with those who will be affected by these changes:

• The Copthorne Hotel, London Gatwick, 25 April, 11:00-13:00 Register here

• PLASA Focus Leeds, 1 May 11:00-12:00 – Register here

Direct responses to the EU can be made online before 7 May 2018.

The Association of Lighting Designers has organised a petition as part of its #SaveStageLighting campaign.

More information is available from [email protected].