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PLASA 2017: Audinate to host Dante network training

At this year’s PLASA Show Audinate is hosting ‘Dante AV Networking World’ on Tuesday 19 September, bringing together manufacturers that have integrated Dante.

With an introduction by PLASA’s managing director Peter Heath, the first component of the day will be a Dante Level 1 and Level 2 certification course, which will be presented in the morning sessions.

“These two courses help individuals who are new to using Dante and want to get started with small to medium sized Dante networks,” said Kieran Walsh, Audinate’s director of application engineering (EMEA). “The course will also be useful for more experienced operators to understand how to really take advantage of Networked Audio.

“The second component of the day will take place in the afternoon and is an introduction to the Dante Level 3 certification course. This course goes into a lot more depth about how IP networks actually function (not just audio networks) and is very useful for anyone using IP technologies in their day-to-day work.”

The Level 3 certification course is normally presented over two days, so the PLASA session will cover some of the most popular content from that course. It is recommended that after this initial taster session, interested people enrol on a full two-day course to be able to obtain the certification in full.

The seminar is sponsored by Audinate, Bose, d&b audiotechnik, Focusrite, Peavey and XTA.