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Philips creates OneSpace luminous ceiling

Philips presents a single panel of light that fills the ceiling.

Philips has revealed an innovative luminous panel that can cover a whole ceiling with homogenous white light. The Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling integrates LED lights with textile to create a white light ceiling surface that hides the source of light completely. The result is a smooth and clutter-free ceiling that emits a uniform and glare-free light.

“This innovation will redefine how light can be used in architecture and design. Light is now an architectural component – it is no longer an add-on in a space,’’ said Antoon Martens from Philips Lighting. ‘’The ceiling is not often seen as a design element – now, it is transformed by this minimalistic ultra-thin panel of light into a design statement.’’

No additional ceiling is required with Philips’ OneSpace luminous ceiling – it plays the dual role of ceiling and light. It uses LEDs placed closely together in a mesh like arrangement combined with textile to create a sound absorbing panel with a signature homogeneous light quality. It also meets all building and safety requirements.

Architects involved in validation workshops of Philips’ OneSpace luminous ceiling described the effect of the ceiling as “peaceful’’, “serene” and “sky-like”. The ceiling emits white light that recalls the feeling of natural daylight. It can be dimmed, used as safety lighting and also be connected to building management systems enabling centralized control to switch it on or off for greater energy efficiency.

Philips’ OneSpace luminous ceiling is available in customized sizes up to 10 x 3 meters to give design flexibility. The company says it is especially suited for car showrooms, flagship retail stores and public spaces like airports, hotels and conference facilities where designers want to create a striking and calm space while also serving as functional lighting.