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Philips Lighting illuminates Istanbul’s historic Galata Tower

The Galata Tower in Istanbul has been transformed by Philips Colour Kinetics lighting, which has been used to illuminate the top of the iconic tower.

The Galata Tower is one of Istanbul’s most well-known landmarks and is popular among citizens and tourists alike due to its commanding view over the city and its place in history.

Lighting designers Nergiz Arifoğlu Lightstyle aimed to create an impressive design to emphasise the tower’s architectural features. The new colourful LED lighting also enables the tower to project itself as an urban icon in the heart of Istanbul’s cultural and artistic Beyoğlu district, further enhancing the image of the city.

The nine-story Galata Tower is 66.9m-high and was originally built as a lighthouse by the Byzantines in the fifth century. It was destroyed in 1204, rebuilt by the Genoese in the 13th century and later modified during the Ottoman Empire. Over the years the tower has been renovated and the lighting installation was undertaken without affecting access to public areas inside and around the tower.

“We at Philips Lighting are quite delighted to be involved in renewing the lighting of such an iconic building of Istanbul,” said Eran Görgen, general manager of Philips Lighting Turkey. “The Galata Tower has an enduring social texture reflecting Istanbul’s identity as the cradle of civilisation. We are proud to bring the magic of the tower to life at night with 21st century lighting that highlights the architectural features of the tower and at the same time is cost effective and energy efficient.”

The lighting design supports the building’s place in the urban environment without altering or damaging the tower. The tower’s upper section and spire were equipped with Philips Color Kinetics PowerCore fixtures, which present the opportunity to apply millions of colours and stunning light effects. The designers succeeded in creating a design that suits and respects both the tower and Istanbul’s night skyline.