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Philips and Crestron collaborate on AVoIP displays

Philips Professional Display Solutions has joined forces with Crestron to create a native AVoIP solution for Philips large format displays.

Using the Philips PDS Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) port, Crestron has worked with Intel to provide a network encoder – the DM-NVX-D80IoAV – that can instantly transform Philips PDS’ latest large format displays into a certified Crestron solution, allowing audio and 4K video to be distributed across any network.

Anthony Tizzard, Philips Professional Display Solutions business manager (EMEA), oversaw the collaboration. “We are delighted to announce this synergy with Creston, which brings an added dimension and increased functionality to our renowned large format display range – especially in the corporate sector,” said Tizzard. 

“At Philips Professional Display Solutions we’re dedicated to innovating for our customers’ future needs,” added Tizzard. Providing quality displays that are augmented with solutions that add true value. “This collaboration brings huge benefits to both integrators and end users. We’re looking forward to an exciting future developing together with Crestron.”

Crestron’s DM NVX decoder plugs into the Philips OPS port and is powered by the display. This eliminates the need for messy cables and cumbersome power supplies, which reduces installation costs and provides a seamless integrated network AV solution. This smart technology also allows for integration with Crestron XiO Cloud, an IOT-based platform that enables system deployment without programming with the ability to monitor, manage, and control each display from a single location.

DM NVX network AV is said to be a complete, infinitely scalable solution that also transports audio, USB, and control. What’s more, DM NVX is the only network solution that delivers a flawless image every time over any network, whether that be 1Gb, 2.5Gb, 5Gb or 10Gb.

Fred Bargetzi, Crestron CTO, explained: “Working with top talent at Intel, Crestron has created a 1G 4K 60 AV over IP solution based on Intel’s open standard OPS slot. The NVX-D80 drops into native OPS slots in the back of professional displays combining enterprise grade security and XIO cloud management and provisioning based on Microsoft Azure technology.”

Interoperability and flexibility were the key drivers in the design of the DM-NVX-D80-IoAV. These OPS-supported displays allow for tailor-made solutions that fit any application. In addition, the form factor of the DM-NVX-D80-IoAV allows displays to be easily flush-mounted to the wall.