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Pexip Infinity virtualised collaboration sells over 20,000 licences

In its first year, Pexip has sold over 20,000 licences for its Infinity virtualised communications platform.

Pexip, a provider of scalable, distributed videoconferencing software, is celebrating the successful first year of its Infinity virtualised meeting platform. In 12 months, the company has issued over 20,000 licenses and reached customers in more than 100 countries.

“Enterprises across the globe are rapidly turning to Pexip Infinity for its ability to deliver simple, high-quality, and cost-effective visual collaboration to everyone within their organisations,” said Simen Teigre, CEO and co-founder of Pexip. “By providing simplicity to users, industry-leading interoperability across any device, and enormous scalability through a highly flexible software platform, our largest customers are now on a run rate of up to 400 million minutes of video meetings per year. As we enter year two, we look forward to unleashing an amazing list of innovations that will continue our promise of disrupting the unified communications and collaboration space — ensuring that virtual meetings are easily available to anyone, anywhere.”

Purely software-based and virtualised, Pexip Infinity enables organisations to offer video-based collaboration to everyone within the enterprise, using existing IT and Cloud infrastructures. Easy to install, deploy, and operate, the platform allows enterprises to use their existing videoconferencing and communication hardware or software to create a seamless experience. Users can collaborate across any platform including Microsoft Lync and other soft clients, videoconferencing systems, telephony, web browsers, or devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs — enabling organisations to provide high-quality visual communications to all employees at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

“In an increasingly crowded Cloud video field, Pexip stands out as a platform that directly addresses a very timely issue: the ability to support hybrid environments as we slowly shift from hardware to software,” said David Maldow, founder of Let’s Do Video. “While Pexip is notable for the strength of its interop service, the nature of their distributed virtualised platform makes them particularly well suited for these environments. Pexip’s solution allows for massive scaling while respecting a user’s network and leveraging existing assets.”

“As an early adopter of Pexip Infinity, we have been involved in beta testing and providing feedback directly to Pexip’s development team from the infancy stages of the product,” said Chris Ellen, unified messaging team lead, Arup. “Our Infinity deployment enables 11,000 staff members across 37 countries to connect via high-definition video, voice, and data collaboration and we’re also expanding its use to connect with our external stakeholders. All along, the openness we’ve enjoyed has helped us achieve our business objectives. We congratulate Pexip on its exceptional first year.”

“There’s been a lot of hype about third-party products offering video integration to Lync, but Pexip is the first that we’ve gotten excited about,” said Christian Stegh, vice president of strategy at Enabling Technologies Corp. “In our market, customers have found existing MCU solutions to be capex and hardware heavy, and they’ve disliked payment models of current Cloud bridging services. Pexip breaks down those barriers and much more. Pexip’s solution meets the demand to connect any video room system with Lync — and CFOs really appreciate the innovative and flexible licensing structure.”

Pexip says it will be introducing a number of innovations, including an all-new suite of software clients that offer a simple alternative for customers who may not already have a UC client for visual communications.

“Pexip has energised the video conferencing industry using a next-generation distributed architecture, an all-software-based virtualised implementation, and an interoperability story that is cutting edge,” said Andrew W Davis, co-founder and senior partner at Wainhouse Research. “Whether deployed as CPE or as part of a cloud service, Pexip Infinity helps lower overall costs while also driving ease of use and utilisation for today’s videoconferencing and collaboration users.”