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Peerless to showcase Xtreme outdoor display at ISE 2015

Peerless-AV will be showcasing the Xtreme outdoor fully sealed display at ISE 2015.

Peerless-AV will be showcasing the Xtreme outdoor display at ISE 2015. The fully sealed display is designed specifically to overcome the challenges faced by digital signage outdoors in severe conditions.

A Triple Outdoor Menu Board configuration of the technology will be positioned outside the RAI, at the Holland entrance by Hall 11.

The solution targets a wide range of outdoor applications including QSR drive thru menus, corporate messaging and retail advertising. The displays have earned a IP68 rating due to their fully sealed design, which allows it to be completely submerged in water beyond 1m deep for eight hours and remain operational.

In addition the patented Ventless Dynamic Thermal Transfer system combines internal air circulation with a unique thermal transfer heat sink to maintain the optimal operating temperature. The display is without vents, filters or exhaust fans providing protection against dust, dirt and microscopic particles. The design also prevents ice formation providing no opportunity for water to collect, freeze and compromise the panel’s outer body.