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Peerless: adapting to the customer (now with VIDEO)

Peerless welcomes guests into its HQ with an array of mounting solutions, but that’s only scratching the surface, writes James McGrath.

It goes without saying that companies that adapt to change are the ones that build success on success. Take our publication, which has followed the digital transition to ensure it keeps up with changes in reader behaviour: a print magazine alone no longer cuts it.

BBG-Peerless is known for its work in the arena of AV attachments and peripherals, with recent prestigious installs including Mercedes-Benz World, UK.

“To be honest with you, a lot of integrators see mounting solutions as an afterthought,” commented Paul Dawes, director of marketing, Peerless AV Europe. There’s no denying that mounts and furniture aren’t at the top of most installers’ inventory lists. But this doesn’t stop Peerless from continuing to innovate its solutions to meet installers’ needs. Additionally, the company is quick to point out that it isn’t satisfied with just providing practical frames to mount display hardware, and it is prepared to depart from its traditional product range in its endeavours to support its customers (and their AV equipment) in every way it can.

“We not only want to provide for installers, but to support them and their projects. They often come to us with feedback. For instance when we launched our new customisable mounting solutions, some of our customers said, ‘Great, but how do we get the signals to the screen once it’s in the enclosure?’”

In response, Peerless developed the HD Flow Wireless Multimedia Kit, which was produced by the company’s emerging technology division – “a reactive division of the company”, according to Dawes. The system was launched at this year’s ISE show and consists of a transmitter which streams 1080p HD content as well as passive 3D signals up to 40m. It has five inputs with the ability to multicast to up to four displays.

The simple, compact solution is in use in the company’s reception area, where three of the four displays are running content wirelessly. The screens are housed in the company’s new customisable display solutions, which were developed in response to a retail market that is heading more and more towards interactive display technology and visual experiences. Retail installs are now warranting the use of touchscreens and engaging content, with new interactive technologies such as touch and gesture, dynamic media and mobile devices replacing traditional static information points.

The new range offers installers and their clients the opportunity to personalise kiosks with anything from a company logo to a bespoke vinyl wrap, so that retailers and brands can make the most of what would otherwise be disused space on the enclosure. Peerless AV Europe uses a local car paint and vinyl specialist to realise designs that clients draw up and send over – a case in point of how it is using new resources to keep up with changing markets.

Watch a video of Peerless AV’s custom-branded kiosks below:

[brightcove videoid=”3811483866001″ playerid=”3033416250001″ height=”270″ width=”480″]

The company has a strong pipeline of future solutions that will be integral to the company’s operations. Dawes advises that, in particular, one exciting solution is soon to be launched: you are advised to watch this space (maybe there’s an opportunity to customise it with a logo in the meantime).