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Paper thin digital ‘eStop’ bus stop displays helping commuters find their way in Sydney

New solar powered, wireless connected kindle like displays to be rolled out in Sydney following successful trial

The Australian transport governing body (Transport for NSW) is to deploy ‘eStop’ displays across Sydney, following a six-month trial at two of the city’s busiest bus stops.

The displays, which are powered by Visionect and designed by Mercury Innovation, use a similar ‘electronic paper’ technology to that found on an e-book, making them easier to read than paper, particularly in sunlight and in low/dark conditions.

Powered entirely by solar panels, the displays communicate with busses using GPS tracking and are connected using either WiFi or 3G technology (no wires required) to display real time live bus time updates and information to commuters. 

According to the firm, the displays, which currently cost €4,449 each (€5,533.92 including VAT and shipping) are 99 per cent more power efficient than LCD or LED technologies. They are also entirely “weatherproof”.and “tamperproof.”

A number of eStops will now be deployed permanently on Sydney’s most in demand bus route —the 400 via the airport, covering both domestic and international flights.

The technology is “there to help commuters and improve customer service,” said Andrew Constance, the Australian Transport Minister. “It’s great to now start to see it being rolled out.”

Pre orders for the signs opened last week through its website.