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Panasonic projector shines at La Scala, Milan

A Panasonic projector had a major role in a production of Berlioz's five-act grand opera Les Troyens at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

Last month, a Panasonic projector had a major role in a production of Berlioz’s five-act grand opera Les Troyens (The Trojans) at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. The 3-chip DLP 20,000 ANSI lumen Panasonic PT-DZ21K model was used in the staging of the opera. which was a co-production between Teatro alla Scala, the Royal Opera House in London, San Francisco Opera and the Wiener Staatsoper.

Meeting Project, the technical sponsor of the Teatro alla Scala since 2007, supplied all the audio and video equipment for this opera, and had already chosen the same Panasonic model for a production of The Zar’s Bride.

When Les Troyens was staged at the Royal Opera House, the local production has chosen to use two 10,000 ANSI lumen Panasonic PT-DZ10 DLP models. However, this approach led to a significant amount of brightness when displaying black; Meeting Project therefore chose to integrate a singe 20,000 lumen projector for the Milan production.

‘Since we have used it for The Zar’s Bride, the projector was already at the theatre, and has given excellent results, especially in terms of brightness and absence of noise – which is vital in a theatre context,” said Fabio Fraomene, Meeting Project’s multimedia and video specialist.

The projector was located on the roof of the royal box, connected by optical fibre, enabling DVI video and control signals to travel to it. A Hippotizer Media Server with content-processing software was connected to the projector. “After entering the commands on the lights console located in the control room, it was also possible for us to control the projector remotely via Ethernet, to both open and close the shutters,” said Fraomene. This ‘shutter timing’ – the ability to control and time the opening and closing of the lens, which is an important feature of this projector, was found to be crucial for the production.

Meeting Project has declared its very satisfied with the results achieved with PT-DZ21K, in particular the absence of noise, its light and compact design and its ease of use. Furthermore, having four lamps in the projector ensured a smooth and continuous projection and brought peace of mind.

In addition, the projector’s warping capabilities enabled projection on to an irregular surface (in the case of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, a crooked wall with recesses). This simple mapping geometry is carried out by the device itself.

“There is no doubt that our sponsor, Meeting Project, made a winning choice with the Panasonic PT-DZ21 projector. said Elio Brescia, assistant director of commissioning at Teatro alla Scala.”When the director and set designer asked me achieve specific scenarios, and the operator didn’t find any difficulty achieving them in a very short time, it means that the machine is clearly phenomenal!”

“We are pleased that a place of excellence, such as the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, through a partnership with Meeting Project, chose to adopt our technology for such an important work,” said Daniela Karakaci of the Visual System Solutions BU at Panasonic PSCEU.