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Panasonic displays boost signage reliability

Panasonic's latest range of professional displays boast new features that are claimed to significantly improve the reliability of digital signage applications, including failover and failback.

Panasonic’s latest range of professional displays boast new features that are claimed to significantly improve the reliability of digital signage applications, including failover and failback.

The Panasonic LF80 (pictured) and LF8 display series are professional-grade panels capable of 24/7 operation. With high brightness levels of 700 and 500cd/sqm respectively, they are available in 42in, 49in and 55in sizes.

The displays also have a wide viewing angle, and feature a bezel of 6.5mm and a depth of 56.8mm.

Unlike the LF6 and LF60 series, which the new models replace, the LF8 and LF80 are equipped with a failover and failback function, which means the display immediately switches to an alternative input if the primary signal is interrupted. Panasonic has also added a USB media player, USB for set-top box power supply and a USB cloning function.

The LF80 is compatible with Panasonic’s DIGITAL LINK technology, a version of HDBaseT that can transmit video, audio and control signals up to 100m with a single LAN cable.

Enrique Robledo, marketing manager at Panasonic, said, “The upgraded functions are what make this display range so impressive. The ability to play out content without the need for an external player and the failover functionality are making it easier than ever to create and maintain great digital signage.

“Our free multi-monitoring and control software also allows users to check on the status of over 2,000 displays. This can be upgraded to the early warning software (ET-SWA100), which anticipates maintenance requirements, adding further resilience to the display network.”

The LF8 and LF80 are available this month.

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