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Panasonic announces world’s shortest-throw lens for single-chip DLP projectors

Panasonic has announced a single-chip DLP projector lens with a throw distance of just 370mm.

Panasonic has introduced the world’s shortest throw lens for single chip DLP projectors. With a throw distance of just 370mm, the new ET-DLE030 uses a cleverly designed mirror system to create a solution that vertically redirects light cast from projectors to produce a bright, perfectly symmetrical sided image directly above it.

The lens uses a throw ratio of 0.38:1, resulting in space saving for projector deployments. In terms of new projection applications, it means avoidance of having to throw light across, for example, a busy retail environment where objects or people can block projected images and where space is at a premium. This applies to further verticals such as staging, museum, or transport where it may not be possible to suspend a projector mounting bracket or where there is insufficient space, either in front or behind the projector to throw the image to the required size.

“We have also taken care to ensure backwards compatibility,” explained Hartmut Kulessa, Panasonic, European Projector Marketing Manager. “Even with 1 chip and 3 chip projectors, we make sure that they are compatible with whole lineup of lenses to give installers, integrators and end users the widest possible backwards compatibility and value. Since the first showing of the prototype models earlier this year there has been a lot of attention on this small but exciting solution for projection specialists’.”