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Panasonic 6,500-lumen laser projectors are a ‘world first’

Panasonic is claiming a world first for its newly launched 6,500-lumen, 1-chip DLP laser projectors.

Panasonic is claiming a world first for its newly launched 6,500-lumen, 1-chip DLP laser projectors, which promise over two years of continuous, maintenance-free operation.

The PT-RZ670 (WUXGA) and PT-RW630 (WXGA) are additions to the company’s existing Solid Shine line of projectors, and feature around 20,000 hours of working life (subject to environmental conditions) without lamp replacement, and flexible, all angle, installation. Landscape or portrait mounting are possible, as well as vertical/horizontal/tilting 360º projection without any effect on the life of the light source.

In addition, the PT-RZ670 model has built in geometric adjustment, enabling projections onto curved and irregular shaped screens, making it ideal for museums, exhibitions and showrooms – where creativity makes a difference.

Hartmut Kulessa, marketing manager for Panasonic, said: “The RZ670 series brings an unparalleled ease of installation for exhibition and museum applications. At the same time, critical applications such as control rooms and signage will benefit from the build quality and absolute reliability of the projector.

“The second generation of Solid Shine projectors has raised the bar of projection reliability and flexibility,” he added. “The laser projector reproduces 150% brighter colours and up to 230% brighter in yellow than a conventional 7,000-lumens projector, so users will enjoy peace of mind, as well as excellent picture quality over an extended period of time.”

The projectors are also compatible with Digital Link, which allows transmission of digital signals (HDMI, uncompressed HD video, and control signals) up to 100 m (330 ft) with a single LAN cable.